Nazario, our painter was awesome!

Dana & Devon H. | Selah, WA
August 9, 2018

Fast, professional and did a beautiful job. Thank you

Helen L. | Yakima, WA
August 7, 2018

Easy to deal with

Tom & Shirley P. | Yakima, WA
July 27, 2018

I'm out of town and I appreciate that they sent us pictures and kept us updated on the progess.

Diane G. | Yakima, WA
July 25, 2018

They did an awesome job!

Phil & Linda B. | Yakima, WA
July 25, 2018

They were great guys. The only thing I would say, and I already spoke with the office, the guys, I loved them, they were great, and it was a really hot day, but they took the sprinkler heads off the hoses and didn't put them back. So they got ran over by our mowers. So, maybe just put the sprinkler heads away from grass so they don't get ran over. I had to buy new sprinkler heads. One of the them left the house numbers in the flower beds. I asked for them back and he found them for me, but they should maybe put things in a more obvious place. It was really minor things. They did a really good job on the house. They worked really hard. They were really nice guys.

Kevan & Anne M. | Yakima, WA
July 24, 2018

The work was at a high level and I am satisfied in every way.

John V. | Yakima, WA
July 11, 2018

The communication was excellent. Debbie, Brian, Leslie and the crew kept us informed and followed up regularly and responded quickly to our questions and concerns. The quality of work was as advertised.

Scott & Patti K. | Yakima, WA
June 27, 2018

They did a very good job for me, showed up on time and got the work done in one day. I had to call them back for a few spots they had missed but other than that it was great.

Bob B. | Yakima, WA
June 25, 2018

The painters did an excellent job. They not only paid attention to the overall detailing of the house, but were also very careful of the shrubbery and other fixtures which would not be painted. Overall I'm a very satisfied customer!

Michelle M. | Yakima, WA
June 22, 2018