30 September 2019

Why White Might Not Be the Best Shade for Your Workspace

Studies have shown that the color of your workspace can affect employee performance. That is because colors can evoke a number of emotions, altering the way employees perform. White, for instance, is often used to maintain a clean and crisp image, but it may not be the best shade for your workspace. This is becauseRead the full article

22 August 2019

Exterior House Painting Tips

It’s time to paint the exterior of your home. You know it has to be done, but you’re wondering if there are any exterior house painting special tips you should know before getting started. Tips for Exterior House Painting Well, you’re in luck – since we are the painting experts in the Yakima area, we’reRead the full article

25 July 2019

Deck Staining: Why You Should Do It Yourself

Deck staining seems easy enough. You just buy the stain, clean off the deck, and start painting the stain onto the deck. Right? Not exactly. That’s why people often call us for our deck staining services after they’ve tried to do it themselves. Deck staining takes skill and knowledge for it to look good. TheRead the full article

25 June 2019

Over the Edge for Wellness House Fundraising Event Supports Cancer Patients

Debbie Chapman, the owner of CertaPro Painters® of Central Washington, will be repalling herself from the top of the Liberty Building to support cancer patients. Over the Edge is a fundraising event that is supporting the Wellness House, which is an organization that provides resources, information, and other means of support to people suffering withRead the full article

02 June 2019

How to Hire the Best Exterior House Painters

With so many house painters in the Yakima area, it can be quite stressful to find the best one for your painting project. Every painting company has their own way of doing business. Painting teams don’t always have the most experienced and skilled people. Prices vary greatly. All of these factors can make you runRead the full article

30 May 2019

4 Reasons to Do Interior Painting in the Summer

While many homeowners take advantage of being locked in the house all winter to accomplish interior painting projects, the summer is a great time to take them on. The warm summer months are the perfect time to open the windows and take to the walls. Here are 4 reasons to do interior painting in theRead the full article

08 March 2019

CertaPro Painters® Participates in 2019 Central Washington Home and Garden Show in Yakima

We are pleased to announce we will be at the 2019 Central Washington Home & Garden Show in Yakima this weekend March 8th to the 10th. It’s a great privilege and honor to be able to be part of this wonderful event that brings many vendors together to show homeowners and business owners the servicesRead the full article

11 December 2018

Exterior Painting: The Key To Protecting Your Home From Winter Weather

Blizzards, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, record-breaking temperatures – extreme weather is becoming more common across the country. The winter months can cause a long list of headaches for homeowners in Yakima, but many of those headaches can be prevented! Before the temperatures start dropping too much, make sure your home’s exterior is ready for harsher weather.Read the full article

26 November 2018

CertaPro Painters Attends Local Parades!

CertaPro Painters took part in the annual Veterans Day Parade again this year to honor our country’s veterans and show our support for our community. It turned out to be a beautiful day and there was a great crowd celebrating those who have fought for and served our country. We also attended Selah Community DaysRead the full article

20 November 2018

Brian Jones Interviews Debbie Champion

CertaPro Painters of Washington’s Owner, Debbie Champion, recently did with Brian Jones, Mortgage Banker about encouragement. Learn more about our businesses growth & engagement with Yakima! https://www.facebook.com/brianjonesyakima/videos/440746566451251/